«Towards the infinite and beyond !!!» … the famous exclamation of a famous animated film of the nineties; but in this case we are not talking about animation, but about reality.


It’s a toy, yes … but for adults !!! The dream of many riders, that of getting fresh and full of energies at the top of the mountain and then having fun down on trails.

In truth, perhaps I was more skeptical about the E-Bike world, just because my doubt was about the downhill side. Fortunately I got this test to look at several things. Yes, because this test on the SPECIALIZED  TURBO KENEVO EXPERT 6FATTIE is centered on the gravity side, as it is an Enduro E-Bike (65 ° steering angle) with mini DH excursions.

We taken the test on two different locations, the first with sandy ground and smooth rocks, while the second on the most stony ground and exposed rocks.

In the climbing part,  assisted pedaling makes it all more funny, almost looking for something harder than usual, the levels of assistance allow to support the own desire to workout, but also to reach faster the beginning of the descent . The 180 millimiters of excursions are not  perceived during the climb (the fork can be locked), and the spring shock absorber is very much appreciated at this phase.

. Furthermore the fact of covering classics distances in the half of the time,  amplifies the freedom of riding more without looking costantly at your watch, as it often happens we do not have much time at our disposal. To give you an example, one of my classic ride of 3 and a half hours has been achieved, reaching 700 meters in height and completing 5 descent trails in just 2 hours, saving 50% less than the expected time to reach the top of the mountain! The engine (SPECIALIZED 1.3 CUSTOM TRAIL-TUNED)is excellent and reliable, works well in synergy with the shift (SRAM GX); the power delivery is good and it has never seemed abrupt even when the TURBO mode is activated.

It’s  possible to make a mapping setup through the «MISSION CONTROL» application, but taking care more about the descent part, we have not tried any kind of customization.

So how does this bike work on descent trails ?

Amazingly, cause the generous excursions of ROCKSHOX LYRIK RCT3 and OHLINS TTX22M work beautifully, and the 180mm are greatly appreciated. It ‘s stable, agile, even aware we are riding on an E – BIKE, the bike is glued to the ground thanks to the low center of gravity and the excellent grip of the tires(SPECIALIZED BUTCHER 2.8) the bike is intuitive and easy to set in curves. I’ve just got in touch with this bike since the first descent, and I assure you that it devours the disconnected sections in a fantastic way. The braking system behaves perfectly, the SRAM CODE R combined with 200 mm brake discs are powerful and precise.

Comfortable and functional the WU telescopic saddle, with 150 mm, able to vary the tilt of the 14 ° saddle, perfect for the descents, the seat tilts upward to compensate for the slope of the ground.

We have tried several downs alternating with the use or not of the assistance, and it was fun by the handlebar control to push even harder on the classic relaunches of the enduro trails, or affording jumps and drops at more speed gained by a few footsteps. During the jumps the bike infuses safety and when it lands the stability is excellent, while concerning to the drops, they need to be taken with greater conviction and speed because a wrong approach (where it is not possible to copy them) would result problematic cause the weight of this type of bike. For this reason, you must ride differently, bearing in mind that you are not riding the classic Enduro bikes which oscillate between 13 and 14 kilos.

This bike has been designed for those who do not want to give up speed on the trails, or having fun with greater safety margins, and I also add …  to riders who do not have enough time for training.


Concluding, at my opinion I guess that the SPECIALIZED TURBO KENEVO is a great bike for reconnaissance, exploration and adventures, cause it allows you to dare, to push beyond the ordinary.


Rider and collaborator: Francesco Blunda

LINK INSTAGRAM: Francesco Blunda

LINK YOUTUBE: Francesco Blunda

Photographer: Aldo Pavia


Do you want to see how it goes downhill? Click here:




Below is the link for the bike’s technical card:

Cicli Poccianti

Specialized Turbo Kenevo, oltre ogni limite.

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