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Something out of the ordinary … yes, with this test we had the opportunity to get our hands on one of the lightest e-bikes on the market: the PIVOT SHUTTLE.

The name already anticipates us the goal of this bike, that is to reach the summit without dissipating too much energy,  then giving the maximum on the descents, and as in the case of the last test about the Specialized Turbo Kenevo, we focused more our test on the downhill side .

As said at the beginning, we talk about a particular bike (as well as for the price), an E-Bike with carbon frame, set up with very interesting components, which overall keep the bike below 20 Kilograms (about 19 , 80). The look of this bike is captivating, both for the successful design and for the combination of colors, at the moment there is only this version available.

To face the descents this bike comes with a steering angle of 65.80 °, is equipped with a 150 mm FOX 36 Factory fork, and as a shock the FOX DPX2 140mm, both with the possibility of locking with the CLIMB mode; DT SWISS rims (40mm internal channel), 27.5” MAXXIS REKON + tires with 2.8mm section, carbon handlebar and XT M8000 brakes.

For the engine kit, PIVOT relied on the SHIMANO E8000, combined with the 11-speed XT DI2 11-speed gearbox and a 34-tooth single-crown.

We performed the test with two different approaches, as well as the locations. And so we tried the PIVOT SHUTTLE on the local known trails, but thanks to the kind great courtesy of Daniele, owner of the store FREERIDE PRATO ( we had the chance to try this jewel on racing mode, participating at the third stage of the ENDURO WINTER TROPHY 2018 championship, which took place in the beautiful landscapes of Sestri Levante (Italy).

Once the suspensions have been adjusted, we immediately got into the saddle of the PIVOT SHUTTLE, and the feeling was surprisingly immediate, thanks to the weight (about 5 kg less than most of the competing e-bikes). Through the 3 assistance modalities (ECO, TRAIL, BOOST) we have noticed how the engine naturally delivers power, making us struggle a bit more, which makes it more effective in terms of training. Regarding the autonomy, we completed the track of the race, with just 2 battery notches we rode about 25 kilometers with a vertical drop of 1000 meters, which left us happily surprised. But let’s get to the descent speech. The bike is agile, reactive, we feel the weight but we are not so constrained by gravity force, it is precise and gives security; if on the home trails, more flow, it proved to be fast and easy to handle, the best was given during the race where the paths were mostly rocky and rough, the carbon handlebar precise, and the suspensions proved to be at the height of the situation , especially at the rear we forgot to have at our disposal «only» 140 mm of excursion. Facing a drop or a jump was less demanding than expected, the brakes responded optimally and never went into crisis.

On the more technical and narrow paths, it behaves well, manageable and ready.

The feeling of driving is really nice, the rims with generous channel increase stability and the feeling with the ground, until today this bike is the one that is closer to a traditional enduro bike, obviously thanks to the reduced weight and well distributed.

Wanting to find some defects in this bike, even if nothing striking, we point out the REKON + first assembly tires that are not very punchy, so we suggest something more aggressive, see Minion DHF to remain on MAXXIS, or a Magic Mary 2.60 by SCHWALBE especially for regarding the front wheel.

If the SHIMANO engine has struck us for its calibrated and never excessive delivery, it must also be said that it does not shine by quietness, a characteristic that for some riders affects the choice of a bike; finally … the commands for the assistance as well as for the change, in our opinion are not intuitive, but it is probably just a matter of getting used to their position.

In conclusion, the PIVOT SHUTTLE is a really fun bike, designed and prepared to make the descent experience on an e-bike as close as possible to a normal Enduro bike, we would like to recommend it, despite the high price.

Hoping that you enjoyed our article, we say goodbye and we will meet you at the next test !!!

Stay tuned !!!


Rider and collaborator: Francesco Blunda




Photo by: Fotocrossimmagine / Malvagio


Below, the Bike’s technical card:


Frame: Shuttle (Carbon)

Travel: 150/140

Ammo: FOX Float Factory DPX2 EVOL 140mm

Fork: FOX 36 Factory 29 / 27.5 150 mm

Gearbox: XT Di2 11 speed

Brakes: XT M8000

Engine: SHIMANO E8000 Drive Unit, 500 Wh battery

Handlebar: Phoenix Team Carbon 35 mm – 760mm

Saddle: Phoenix WTV Vigo Pro

Cassette: XT M8000 11-46 11 Speed

Wheels: DT SWISS / Pivot custom EB1550 40 mm eMTB specific design

Tires: MAXXIS Rekon 27.5+ 2.8 TR 120 Tpi Silk-shield

Sizes: S / M / L / XL

Weight: about 19.80 kg


For more information:


Freeride Prato:






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