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Last weekend we were present at the penultimate stage of the Italian E-Enduro Championship, which took place in Varazze, located in the region of Liguria, that in the past has been also the location for a race of the Italian superenduro championship.

A hundred riders registered, less than average, probably due to unfavorable weather forecasts, but the quality was not lacking, however to enrich the competition also the participation of Miranda Miller and Curtis Keene, “Specialized Factory Team” PRO riders, ready to get involved in this new race format, riding the new S-Works Turbo Levo Carbon, top of the range of the famous ebike model made in Specialized.

The race consisted of 5 special stages, an time check after the fourth special stage, with the possibility to recharge the battery during the 45 minutes foreseen.

As we said before, weather forecast threatened rain, which fortunately did not arrive, but the riders had taken into account also trying on Saturday in wet conditions. To offer riders a complete track, the Varazze trailbuilders have worked hard to select and put together the best trails for this competition.

Stage 1 was the most gravity and funny, Stage 2 more technical, while Stage 3 a mixed track where it was necessary to conquer the highest point to gain the descent leading into a final canyon. Last two Stages instead were the longest, articulated between climbs, descents and pedaled stretches. At the end of the 5 special stages, the overall race victory went to Simone Martinelli (Cicobikes DSB Nonsolofango) while among women wins Miranda Miller (Specialized Factory).

We also had the opportunity to speak with Franco Monchiero, creator and organizer of this innovative circuit ( ). His philosophy is to have fun in every condition, riding with “No Limits“ an ebike and facing any type of route, from technical climbs to the most challenging descents, going to reward the most complete rider able to pull the most out of his electric bike, managing the various aspects , including autonomy.

Contrary to what one might think, an Emtb Enduro competition is not a walk of health! The electric engine helps the pedaling, but it does not make you go faster without your effort, during the stage,speed average is constantly above 25 km / h, where the assistance stops, and it is up to the rider to make the difference with the own legs.Furthermore the average level of riders is high, and a workout results more than necessary to deal with features of the special stages and fight for the podium.

The E-Enduro championship it is almost at the end, but next year it will come back with new locations and some reconfirmations. Another project from Franco Monchiero, the new e-Enduro World Race Championship will take shape next year, which will propose international races, the Italian one will take place in the locality of Loano (SV), while the other will be unveiled soon. ( ).

Take a look about the video RECAP, and STAY TUNED !!!


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