Inicio Portada E-ENDURO 2019: LACONA (ISOLA D’ ELBA)


On the ferry directed to Isle of Elba

Last weekend we took part at the second round of the 2019 Italian E-Enduro Championship, which took place in Lacona, located in the region of Tuscany, on the famous Isle of ELBA, pearl of the Tuscan archipelago. Departing from the port of Piombino, it takes about about 1 hour and a half (ferry+car) to reach it.

Registrations CHECK …

About 130 registered riders, coming from different parts of Italy, trying to give hard times to strong riders such as Andrea Garibbo, Simone Martinelli, Nicola Casadei, Davide Sottocornola, Marco Milivinti, Vittorio Gambirasio and Marco Aurelio Fontana.

Friday: Official Practice day

Just for this occasion, taking advantage of the festive bridge, official practice have been moved to Friday, while the race took place on Saturday to permit riders to come back without stress on Sunday.

Many riders arrived already a couple days before to enjoy the amazing location. The race consisted of 5 special stages, all different but united by the stunning landscapes and the constant view of the sea !!!

The Race course

A total route of 40 kilometers with about 1400 meters of overall difference in level, as usual a time check (after Stage 2) where riders are allowed to repair any damage but above all the chance of recharging batteries for 45 minutes.

battery chargers in the OCTOPUS point …

A really good weather has accompanied all the week before the race, delivering very dry trails for this competition.

Stage 1 Start
Marco Aurelio Fontana in action …

Stage 1 (2.55 km) a split of sections, starting with a descent then turning into cycled path mixed with some steep uphill section;

Stage 2 (2.53 km) and stage 3 (2.07 km) more downhill with section of flow and blunt rocks.

Stage 4 (2.10 km) and stage 5 (0.84 km) much pedaling, counter slopes and a narrow paths.

At the end of the 5 special stages, the overall race victory went to Andrea Garibbo (HAIBIKE FACTORY TEAM ITALIA), followed by Nicola Casadei (SIGNOR LUPO ASD) and to complete the podium in third position Simone Martinelli (CICOBIKES-DSB-NONSOLOFANGO).

Among the women the french Sapin Nadin (CSP DERCANTOUS VTT) triumphs, followed by Amone Giulia (BIKEGARAGE SPEEDWHEEL – SV FOCUS MGO) and Francesca Lucchini (PUNTOSPORT TEAM).

An important mention must go to ASD LACONA together with PROLOCO of Lacona, for the commitment in organizing their first National EBIKE event !!! Right after the race they welcome riders with a great PASTA PARTY, rich and tasty as you can see from the picture, including the typical Italian «bruschetta», pasta with seafood but also grilled meat and vegetables and sweets !!!

Next appointment on 25th/26th of May with the third round, that will take place in POGNO, well known location of Italian Enduro Riders.


Stay tuned !!! Wanna see videos of the Stages? Click below on PLAY !!!


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